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All new chiropractic patients are required to review, sign, and date this form.

Patients seeing Dr. Ruegg for the first time will need to complete, sign and date this form before treatment.

All new massage patients are required to complete, sign and date this form before treatment.

All new massage patients are required to review, sign and date this form before treatment.

A quick reference guide for some helpful and effective routines.

Fast facts on efficacy of shockwave therapy.


Stretching exercises are important in the reduction of joint pain (back, neck, shoulders, etc.). As a general rule, my experience has shown that people who stretch regularly have less pain and discomfort than who don’t stretch. Treatment is more effective when combined with exercise. many of my patients have claimed that they need for less chiropractic care when they stretch regularly.

There is a lot written about when to stretch relative to exercise. Most authors agree that a gentle warm up (active exercise) routine is best performed before stretching. I have found no research regarding the differences between early morning and late day exercise. Personally, I find my flexibility to be poor in the morning and that gentle stretching before exercise is beneficial to me.

Below are links that discuss this information and I recommend you consider it and do what feels best for you.

For many people stretching as part of their treatment may be the only exercise they do besides going to work. Stretching while you watch television or read a book is good time management and I highly recommend it.

As a ground concept, flexibility is in three planes; forwards and backwards, side to side and rotation. an example would be; touching your toes (while standing) and then bending backwards supporting your lower back with your hands, bending side to side with your opposite hand/arm over your head and twisting side to side with your hands on your hips and your feet shoulder width apart.

Five to ten minutes of stretching a day makes a large difference to you flexibility as you age.

The following links demonstrate a variety of stretching exercises for different body areas and discuss some of the concepts to stretching.